Movie vs. Book

One of the major differences in the movie versus the book would have been the relationship between Celie and Shug.  In the book, the relationship was clearly a lesbian love affair; the movie, however, only hinted at the relationship.

 The formidable size of Mister directly contrasted to the book’s small proportioned man.

 Another difference was how when Celie finally left Mister, she opened her pants shop.  In the book, she headed to Memphis for a while with Shug, until Shug left her for a 19 year old boy, then Celie went back to her family home and opened a profitable store.

 At the end of the movie, Mister is the reason why Nettie and Celie’s children are able to return to the United States.  In the book, Mister has nothing to do with it.  Another difference is how in the movie, Mister and Celie never reconcile their relationship.  Yet, in the book, Celie finds a way to forgive Mister and they become friends and both evolve into caring people who mutually respect one another.

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